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Instructions on How to Join Regal Crown Club

As a movie theater chain headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Regal Entertainment Group (REG) operates the largest and most geographically diverse theatre circuit in the United States. Regal Crown Club is a rewards program that allows its members to earn credits for box office and concession purchases at participating REG theatres. In addition, by joining the program, members can also enjoy exclusive special offers and rewards. Tips of Joining Regal Crown Club

  • 13 years of age and older U.S. residents.
  • No fee to join the program, but you are required to make purchase to redeem credits.
  • Regal Crown Club members can accumulate credits at participating theatres when you make purchases at the box office and concession stand. Credits you earned can be used to redeem free admission tickets, popcorn and drinks. Please remember you must show your Regal Crown Club card each time you buy ticket.
  • Members earn 1 credit for every dollar spent at the box office on ticket purchases (up to 20 credits per day) and 4 credits for any concession transaction.
  • In addition to the benefit mentioned above, other membership benefits may change from time to time and may include discounts, opportunities to enter sweepstakes.
  • To view more information about Regal Crown Club, please refer to the Club Rules and FAQs links at the bottom of this page.
How to Join Regal Crown Club
  • Two ways are provided to join Regal Crown Club. You can pick up a Regal Crown Club card at any participating REG theatre location. Then activate it online at the link in Reference Links 1 at the bottom of this page.
  • Or you can pick up a Regal Crown Club card at any participating REG theatre location and register online at www.regmovies.com/crown-club for membership. Please provide your email address, password and Regal Card number into the required fields.
www.regmovies.com/crown-club Join Regal Crown Club to Watch Free Movies Reference Links
  1. Regal Crown Club FAQs - www.regmovies.com/Crown-Club/Rewards-FAQ
  2. Regal Crown Club Rules - www.regmovies.com/Crown-Club/Club-Rules
  3. Regal Entertainment Group Official Site - www.regmovies.com

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