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How to Check Your Order Status

Normally your order status are available to be checked by calling or emailing the customer service of the company with your order information handy. But this is not the fastest way to check the status of your order, you will find that many retailers work with the third party service providers to deliver details of their customers' order status. Customerstatus.com is such a web tool that enables you to track your order. Five Options to Access Your Order Status If you have placed your order with Perfecter Fusion Styler, the Genie Bra, Clear TV, Wipe New, Zoomies, Fusion Juicer, Chop Magic Chopper, and any other retailer or business that partners with customerstatus.com to offer the check and track order status service, you can use this online tool 24/7 where internet access is available. The information provided on this website is the same as that provided by their live representative. www.customerstatus.com requires no online account. Click the link given and type in your order information and start searching. No matter where your order is, you can get the latest information from this web tool, free of charge.

  1. Search by your Last Name and Order Number.
  2. Search by your Email Address and the Last 4 of Credit Card.
  3. Search by your Phone Number and the Last 4 of Credit Card.
  4. Search by your Last Name, the Last 4 of Credit Card, and Zip Code.
  5. Search by your Last Name, Phone Number, and Zip Code.
www.customerstatus.com Check Your Order Status at Customerstatus.com Note that orders can take up to 24-48 hours from the the time you place your order to download into customerstatus.com database. If you are not sure whether you can check your order status via customerstatus.com, go to the website where you place your order and find the customer care link. See if customerstatus.com is listed in the order status checking options. If not, you may need to check if your order status can be tracked from another third party service provider. Now that you learn about your order status, you get an idea of when it will arrive so that you can schedule your time to collect your package. Reference Link
  1. Order Status Tracking Tool - www.customerstatus.com

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