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Access Acosta Merchandiser Portal to Manage Set or Project Work

Acosta is a sales, marketing and service company serving consumer packaged goods companies and retailers across the North America. Through this Acosta merchandiser online operating system, Acosta merchandisers can accomplish timely and accurate preparation, scheduling, reporting, and overall management of information related to set/project work. Acosta Anarsportal anarsportal.acosta.com Access Acosta Merchandiser Portal for More Updates Go to the official website and enter your user name and password to log in. To ensure this website functions properly and to make your web browsing experience smooth and effective, it is recommended you use Internet Explorer (for Windows) or Safari. From time to time, the portal might be down for maintenance. Attention: If you are using the latest Internet Explorer 11 version to access the website, you will be redirected to the page shows you are using unsupported browser. It seems that Acosta should improve the system compatibility to make sure most of associates can access the page easily. Acosta Tech Support is available 24/7 on weekends in addition to 24/7 week day support. 1-877-453-9831 or via email [email protected] If Tech Support is unable to resolve your issue, you have to request your Ticket Number and keep it until the issue is resolved. Reference Links

  1. Acosta Official Website - www.acosta.com
  2. Acosta Associate Information - www.acosta.com/Associate_Log_in/Associate_Log_in.aspx

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